Carolina do Sul - Feminino

Carolina do Sul - Feminino

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WNCAAB 254 WNCAAB - Jogos Extra 4
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South Carolina

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WNCAAB 12/07 00:00 - Carolina do Sul - Feminino vs Morgan State - Feminino - View
WNCAAB 12/10 19:30 - Utah - Feminino vs Carolina do Sul - Feminino - View
WNCAAB 12/16 18:00 - Carolina do Sul - Feminino vs Presbyterian - Feminino - View
WNCAAB 12/20 00:00 - Bowling Green - Feminino vs Carolina do Sul - Feminino - View
WNCAAB - Jogos Extra 12/30 17:00 - East Carolina - Feminino vs Carolina do Sul - Feminino - View
WNCAAB 01/05 00:00 - Florida - Feminino vs Carolina do Sul - Feminino - View


WNCAAB 12/03 18:00 - [34] Carolina do Sul - Feminino v Duke - Feminino [86] W 77-61
WNCAAB 12/01 00:00 - [50] Carolina do Sul - Feminino v North Carolina - Feminino [88] W 65-58
WNCAAB 11/24 18:00 - [318] Mississippi Valley State - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino [39] W 19-101
WNCAAB 11/21 00:00 - [157] South Dakota State - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino [60] W 38-78
WNCAAB 11/17 00:00 - [26] Clemson - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino [78] W 40-109
WNCAAB 11/12 18:00 - [128] Maryland - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino [120] W 76-114
WNCAAB 11/06 18:00 - [6] Notre Dame - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino [6] W 71-100
WNCAAB 04/01 01:30 140 Iowa - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino L 77-73
WNCAAB 03/27 23:00 138 Maryland - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino W 75-86
WNCAAB 03/25 18:00 136 UCLA - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino W 43-59
WNCAAB 03/19 17:00 124 South Florida - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino W 45-76
WNCAAB 03/17 18:26 122 Norfolk State - Feminino v Carolina do Sul - Feminino W 40-72

The South Carolina Gamecocks women's basketball team represents the University of South Carolina and competes in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Under current head coach Dawn Staley, the Gamecocks have been one of the top programs in the country, winning the NCAA Championship in 2017 and 2022. The program also enjoyed success under head coach Nancy Wilson during the 1980s in the Metro Conference, when it won five regular season conference championships and three conference tournament championships.


The Gamecocks first competed at an intercollegiate level in women's basketball in 1923, when they were called the Pullets (a young domestic hen, a play off "Gamecocks," which is a rooster).

The modern era of South Carolina women's basketball began when the Carolina Chicks took to the court in January 1974 under the guidance of Pam Backhaus. The inaugural team compiled a record of 15–7 and were the South Carolina AIAW champions. In 1977, with Pam Parsons as the head coach the women's basketball team, they changed their nickname to the Lady Gamecocks and made post-season trips every year during her four-year tenure.

During its eight seasons in the Metro Conference (now Conference USA after the 1995 reunification), the Lady Gamecocks won the regular season championship five times and the conference tournament three times.

When South Carolina joined the SEC, success was hard to come by during their first decade in one of the strongest conferences in women's basketball. They initially struggled to compete under head coaches Nancy Wilson and Susan Walvius. Walvius' teams in 2001–02 and 2002–03 broke through to finish 25–7 and 23–8, respectively, earning trips to the NCAA tournament and reaching the Elite Eight in 2002.

Walvius resigned after the 2007–08 season. On May 7, 2008, Dawn Staley was named the new head coach of the team now known as simply the "Gamecocks".

Under coach Staley, the Gamecocks improved or equaled their win total every season during her first seven years leading the program, culminating in a 34–3 record in 2014–15. That year they won the SEC regular season championship, the SEC Tournament championship and the NCAA East Region Championship. The season ended in the NCAA Final Four with a last second one-point loss to Notre Dame in the national semifinals.

The following year, the Gamecocks went undefeated in conference play, only to be stymied in the Sweet 16 by Syracuse. In 2016–17, the Gamecocks garnered their third straight sweep of the SEC regular season and tournament titles en route to their second Final Four. They defeated conference rival Mississippi State in the national championship game to win their first-ever national title.

In the 2018 SEC tournament, the Gamecocks defeated Mississippi State to win the SEC tournament, South Carolina is the only team to win the SEC tournament for four straight years. Their season came to an end when they were defeated by Connecticut in the Elite Eight.

In 2020, South Carolina finished 32–1 (16–0), led by the #1 ranked recruiting class and senior leadership of point guard Tyasha Harris. The Gamecocks defeated 14 ranked teams including their first-ever victory over UConn, and won both the SEC regular season and tournament titles. South Carolina won their final 26 games of the season and spent the final nine weeks as the AP #1 ranked team. Dawn Staley was named national coach of the year, and Aliyah Boston was named national freshman of the year, and SEC defensive player of the year. When the COVID-19 pandemic ended the season prematurely on March 12, South Carolina was ranked at the top of the AP and coaches' polls. Due to the unprecedented abrupt ending to the season following the SEC Championship win, Staley said they should be claimed Champions, but never took any real steps to claim one. To honor the seniors the program raised a banner highlighting finishing #1 in the polls on December 31, 2020, at the 2020–21 season opener. In 2021, the team reached the Final Four losing to Stanford by a point.

On April 3, 2022, the Gamecocks won their 2nd national title with a 64–49 win over UConn, finishing the season 35–2 and being ranked #1 in both major polls for the entire season. Aliyah Boston won Player of the Year, and Dawn Staley was named Naismith Award winner as the best coach in the nation for 2022.