Grécia - A1 02/12 15:00 - PAOK v AO Orestiadas L 3-1
Grécia A2 01/21 15:00 - AS Makedonikos v AO Orestiadas W 0-3
Grécia A2 01/13 16:00 - EA Larisas v AO Orestiadas W 0-3
Grécia - A1 12/23 14:30 - AO Orestiadas v AO Kifisias L 2-3
Grécia A2 12/10 16:00 - AS Elpis v AO Orestiadas W 2-3
Grécia A2 11/12 10:00 - Xanth v AO Orestiadas - View
Grécia - 3.ª Divisão 04/17 13:00 - Chrisoupoli v AO Orestiadas W 2-3
Grécia A2 02/10 17:00 - GE Alexandroupolis v AO Orestiadas L 3-0
Grécia A2 02/03 14:00 - Athlos Orestiadas v AO Orestiadas L 3-0
Grécia A2 01/27 16:00 - AO Orestiadas v AO Serres W 3-2
Grécia A2 01/20 16:53 - MGSAE Komotinis v AO Orestiadas L 3-0
Grécia - A1 03/26 15:00 22 AO Orestiadas v Ethnikos Alexandroupolis L 0-3

Wikipedia - A.C. Orestias

A.C. Orestias (full name Athletic Club of Orestias/ Greek: Αθλητικός Όμιλος Ορεστιάδας) is a Greek volleyball club based in Orestias. It was founded in 1970 and it has important presence in the Greek volleyball championship. Orestias was the finalist of the championship at three times and one time the finalist of the Greek cup. Nevertheless the most important moment was the presence of the club in the final of the CEV Challenge Cup, in 1995.


A.C. Orestias was founded in 1970. The first presence in the A1 Ethniki championship was in 1984. Since 1989, Orestias was one of the most powerful teams in the championship. At those years Orestias had notable players such as Nikos Samaras and Theodoros Baev. The club played three times in the finals of the championship and one time in the final of the cup. In 1995, Orestias reached to the final of the CEV Challenge Cup but was defeated by Pallavolo Parma. The decline of Orestias started with the relegation in 2007. Orestias remained seven years in the lower division. In 2014 the club returned to the highest level again. In 2017 and 2018, the club relegated in back to back years and is now competing in Beta Ethinki.

Season Division Place Notes
1990-91 A1 Ethniki 4th
1991-92 A1 Ethniki 5th
1992-93 A1 Ethniki 2nd Greek Cup runner-up
1993-94 A1 Ethniki 3rd 4th place in CEV Cup
1994-95 A1 Ethniki 3rd Challenge Cup runner-up
1995-96 A1 Ethniki 3rd 4th place in Challenge Cup
1996-97 A1 Ethniki 2nd
1997-98 A1 Ethniki 2nd
1998-99 A1 Ethniki 3rd
1999-00 A1 Ethniki 3rd 4th place in Challenge Cup
2000-01 A1 Ethniki 4th
2001-02 A1 Ethniki 4th
2002-03 A1 Ethniki 9th
2003-04 A1 Ethniki 6th
2004-05 A1 Ethniki 9th
2005-06 A1 Ethniki 8th
2006-07 A1 Ethniki 11th Relegated to A2 Ethniki
2007-08 A2 Ethniki 3rd
2008-09 A2 Ethniki 12th Relegated to Beta Ethniki
2009-10 Beta Ethniki 3rd
2010-11 Beta Ethniki 1st Promoted to A2 Ethniki
2011-12 A2 Ethniki 5th
2012-13 A2 Ethniki 3rd
2013-14 A2 Ethniki 2nd Promoted to A1 Ethniki
2014-15 A1 Ethniki 8th
2015-16 A1 Ethniki 9th
2016-17 A1 Ethniki 12th Relegated to A2 Ethniki
2017-18 A2 Ethniki 8th Relegated to Beta Ethniki
2018-19 Beta Ethniki 5th